Stephen Cuthbert is from the North East UK and started writing music back in 2014. Stephen has a country influence to his music and loves to experiment with each song he produces. Stephen was born in 1985 and has many musical influences from Elvis Presley to Chris Stapleton.

2021 - the year of his brand new album Take Me Back To Simple. 

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Stephen has many influences when it comes to music, from Elvis Presley to Chris Stapleton. Stephen has always liked knowing he is a little different to other people and tries to show this in his music.


This is a new project which began in October 2020 and Stephen aims to release the full Album.

The first track single was released from the album on the 14th January 2021 which is Bottle And Sad Songs, this can be heard on all streaming sites along with the official VEVO lyric video on YouTube. The second track released was 'Forever Mine' worldwide on 14th February. 

Take Me Back To Simple - Out 14th March 2021. includes 12 brand new songs.